Civil War Brown Water Navies

The Civil War in NE North Carolina

Civil War replica ironclad and launch (3), Plymouth NC

Apr 29, 2007. Plymouth NC's Port o' Plymouth Museum hosts an annual weekend of Civil War history. Encampments and reenactments are a highly visible focus. In addition, this weekend featured replicas of two Civil War vessels -the Ram Albemarle (4/10 scale) and a Union launch- in the Roanoke River. This video does not recreate their encounter, but it does give an idea of how an encounter or battle might have appeared. Remember that the Ram Albemarle is only 40% of the actual size and therefore would not have been as agile in the Roanoke River. Both vessels were steam powered, though not functional in these replicas. BTW, the voices you hear are of museum visitors and spectators on the pier, and the muffling is from the wind in the microphone. For more information: . Port O' Plymouth Museum -252-793-1377. [The next event is APRIL 29 – MAY 1, 2011. .]

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