Civil War Brown Water Navies

The Civil War in NE North Carolina

Where to find the content of this site once the migration is complete

The old Brown Water Navies site is being absorbed into my NC Squadron site. The old NC Squadron’s theme (Sunspot) couldn’t be arranged to handle the new material the way I wanted and it couldn’t be ported over to the new theme I’d chosen (Twenty Ten), so I’m building the site over again from scratch. I hope you enjoy the new drop-down menus.

This WordPress site can hold 3 gigs of data compared to the 1 gig the old Brown Water Navies site had. That old site had already overrun the available storage. The new drop-down menus make it easier for me to organize the materials. Hopefully it will make finding information easier.

Although the new site doesn't show it yet, information on the Union flotilla that accompanied Burnside's Expedition will eventually added to the new site.

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