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The Civil War in NE North Carolina

I recently received 500+ pages of Confederate States District Court records for the Pamlico District of North Carolina, many of them dealing with the prizes taken off Hatteras.

Of the prizes:

2 were wrecks (Brig Lydia Frances and Bark Linwood)

3 were sold (Schooner Transit, Brig Hannah Balch, Schooner Herbert Manton)

2 were released due to Confederate ownership (Schooner Charles Roberts, Schooner Pricilla)

4 were seized by the state and sunk as obstructions in the Neuse River (Schooner Sea Witch, Brig Itasca, Schooner Nathaniel Chase, Schooner Protector)

That leaves the Schooner Henry Nutt, Schooner Gordon, Brig B.T. Martin, Brig William McGilvery, and Schooner Willet S. Robbins to account for. Some records for the Henry Nutt and Willet S. Robbins were included, but not enough to determine their final disposition. Hopefully more of their records will show up in the second batch of records that are coming.

Does anyone have any information on these unaccounted for ships?


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