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The Civil War in NE North Carolina

Just in case you want to see Civil War sailor service records

Terry Foenander, Si Harrington, and I recently decided to post our lists of Civil War era sailors and marines online. Terry's covers the entire Confederate navy. Si's cover sailors and marines that were NC natives or lived in North Carolina. Mine covers the sailors that were in the North Carolina Squadron.

Why three lists? Each one is incomplete, a work in progress. We plan to identify the NC members of the NC Squadron, add data from their service later in the war that Terry has located, and update Si's listing, creating the most comprehensive listing of naval veterans from North Carolina in existence.

Terry's list used to be online, but he had problems with his Internet provider so we parked it at my domain so researchers like Si could use it. I'm compiling my NC Squadron records on the fly at the site, one list at a time. I have hundreds of lists. Compiling them shows me what the individual sailor was doing during the early part of the war. Very little of this information is on Terry's list yet. This project should help rectify that. is where you will find these lists. Si hasn't uploaded his yet. Terry's are uploaded but not fully formatted yet. Mine are about 1/2 complete; the names are there but only about half of the data.

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