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I have about come to the conclusion that...

I've about come to a conclusion that most of the sailors in the "mosquito fleet", except for the officers, were natives of northeastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia and may have been pre-war members of their ship's crew. This is definitely the case of the Curlew. I strongly suspect the same for the Raleigh and Ellis. Both rosters are loaded with Currituck and Dare County names.

Si Harrington, Terry Foenander, and I have set a goal to identify as many NC sailors and Marines as we possibly can in an online project at . My part, the NC Squadron, is largely unidentified as to their state of origin, so I would appreciate any help available to do so in order that they get included in Si's NC Sailors & Marines list. Terry's list covers the entire CS Navy, a massive undertaking. Again, we will be needing help to comb through his lists in search of North Carolinians. Si's list already has over 2000 names on it.

The site will be slowly taking shape over the next two weeks, mainly because I type with two fingers and can't see the computer screen very well (cataracts). We have a lot of data ready to be posted.


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