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It is generally known that the USS Underwriter was built in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1852. The question is what was the name of the shipyard?

I discussed that with a well-known naval researcher Andreas von Mach, and he told me that there were two shipyards in Brooklyn that could have built the ship - Burtis & Morgan and Joe Bloomfield. Unfortunately, he does not have complete ship lists for these two, so there is no definite answer.

Do you have any suggestions?

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There were 12 shipyards in Greenpoint by 1852 and several more were located at Williamsburg, but they were annexed into Brooklyn in 1855, so I doubt a ship built in one of these two places would have been said to have been built in "Brooklyn". That leaves the two shipyards you mentioned - Burtis & Morgan and Joe Bloomfield - plus Simonson and John English & Son. Simonson built the Hunchback in Brooklyn in 1852, so they were definitely operating there by that time and were building larger ships than the Underwriter..
Bruce, I have tried to search some of the volumes relating to US Naval vessels, such as the DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN NAVAL FIGHTING SHIPS, as well as other volumes, but, as you indicate, all sources tend to name the place built as New York.   I tried one other alternative, namely, searching the pages of the New York Times, online, for such details, but, once again, with negative results.   I assume that one final option is to search for the building plans at the National Archives, or the Smithsonian, unless someone comes up with a definite answer to this mystery.
I plan to give the Mariner's Museum collection a try over the Easter break. If they don't have the records, they are the most likely place to know who does.
A check of the 1850s New York Daily Times newspaper turned up a mention of the steam tug Underwriter on 10 August 1853. Brooklyn shipyards mentioned in 1852 included Bloomfield's, Thomas Collyer's Westervelt & Co., William Collyer's, and William B. Webb's.


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