Civil War Brown Water Navies

The Civil War in NE North Carolina

The photo doesn't specifically say this was taken on the Hunchback, but things look similar to other Hunchback photos I have seen.


Notice the details in the supports and the facing around the edge of the roof.


Below is a section of an identified photo of the Hunchback. Note that the officer on the right in both photos appears to be the same man.


In the photo below, the same officer appears again, this time on the left. Both of these photos are identified as being taken on the Hunchback. I'm not sure if the other officer in these two photos is the middle one in the top photo in question because of the poor quality, but the hat and uniform look the same.

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Bob, it is most definitely taken aboard the USS Hunchback, not only because of the structural similarities, but because at least two of the officers shown are almost certainly in other images of the Hunchback. Also, I do have that copy of the photo (part of which you show) showing the six officers of the engineering department, and which you have used to compare the structures in both images, and, if you examine the post in front of which hangs the ramrod, you will note that there is exactly the same cracked seam running down the front of the post. In both photos there is also either a large nail or a bolt, about a foot or two below the ramroad, within the crack. The edge of the cannon, on the left of both photos are obviously the same design, the seats are the same (though this may have been standard issue), and a closer examination will show many other distinctive similarities that prove that they are one and the same vessel.
I do have a better quality copy of this photo of the two officers seated on the top deck of the HUNCHBACK, next to the walking beam engine. The officer at right, with his jacket and straw hat on is not the same person in the photo of the three officers, but I do believe that the officer seated in the middle, of the photo showing the three officers is also shown in one or two other photos showing personnel of the USS HUNCHBACK. For instance, in the well known photo of a large number of the officers and crew on the HUNCHBACK (showing the barefoot sailor in front of this large group), I am sure he is one of those standing on the top deck, in front of the funnel. The similarities in facial features are close but not definitive.


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