Civil War Brown Water Navies

The Civil War in NE North Carolina

From the lack of posts and low reader counts on the blogs and discussions, I'm starting to doubt the usefulness of this page. Am I right? How can it be made more useful?

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Don't worry Bruce. The page is very useful, at least to me.

I'm using it to organize my NC Squadron research before I pass it off to John Quarstein. He plans to use it to write a book on the "mosquito fleet." I keep plugging away and the pieces keep falling into place..

Me, also, Bruce. I am sorry I have not checked in more than I have. Both the Brown Water Navy and the Civil War in NE NC compliment each other. Thank you for continuing them both. Would you like for us to bring in some more people?

I wish more people could add some information or research. I'm not interested in refighting the war, just figuring out exactly what did happen. I'll let others handle the conjecturing why.

Since I've retired, I haven't had time to post much of the things I've been digging up, mostly concerning what happened at Hatteras after the Federals settled in. Major changes occurred to the forts and their surroundings.

I am conducting a test using WordPress at to see if it offers enough flexibility to do what I need. The articles are being posted in historical order, beginning with the formation of the NC Navy. There are comment boxes and a search engine box (unlabeled in the upper right corner) so you can look for the articles that cover a particular subject. WordPress is free where Ning isn't. Hopefully it will generate more traffic once I get it set up like I envision it. I haven't added all of the tags and photos I intend to yet. Thanks for using this board.


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